2016-07-13 20:42
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在github上发布基于golang的二进制文件,并使用“ go get”安装

I created a simple lazy package manager for go. I published it at

when I execute go get I get no errors, but it compiles it as a module since the resulted pkg content at $GOPATH/pkg/darwin_amd64/ glpm.a.

I want it to be compiled as an executable. what am I missing?


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我为go创建了一个简单的惰性包管理器。 我在

当我执行 go github时 .com / kfirufk / glpm 我没有收到任何错误,但它将其编译为模块,因为 $ GOPATH / pkg / darwin_amd64 / / kfirufk 中生成的pkg内容是 glpm.a

我希望将其编译为可执行文件。 我想念什么?


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  • dpbl91234 2016-07-13 20:45

    To get your project building as an executable, you need to have:

    • All of the buildable Go files as part of the package main, and
    • Define a main function to be the entry point for your program

    However, if your package can also be used as a library, a common pattern is to have your executable stored in $PACKAGE/cmd/$EXECUTABLE_NAME. This would mean your package executable would be fetched using:

    go get -u
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