2018-09-07 15:28
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For example, given a package A that depends on package B and package C, where package C also depends on package D - is there a way to output this information? (Using a vendoring tool or otherwise)

The vendor.yaml output by govend doesn't include transitive dependency information - neither does the Gopkg.toml file output by dep, from what I can see. The go.mod file produced by Golang 1.11's mod and does annotate some dependencies as // indirect - but it does not annotate dependencies with any information about which dependency they were pulled in via.

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例如,给定依赖于软件包 B 的软件包 A code>和程序包 C ,其中程序包 C 也依赖于程序包 D -是否可以输出此信息? (使用供应商工具或其他方式)

govend 输出的 vendor.yaml 不包括传递依赖项信息-也不包含 据我所见, dep 输出的 Gopkg.toml 文件。 Golang 1.11的mod生成的 go.mod 文件,并以 //间接的形式对某些依赖项进行了注释-但它并未使用任何有关依赖项的信息来对其进行注释。

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  • dongxun4110 2018-09-07 15:42

    Did you try It does provide a decent dependency tree at first look I tried.

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