dongzhi9457 2018-02-04 00:18
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我需要一些帮助以正确获取连接字符串以将Golang连接到AWS RDS

I have been looking and looking on how to connect a Golang application to a MySQL database (I am using the MyMySQL library with the database/sql interface). If I use the none native version not the database/sql interface I can get the connection to work perfectly and perform queries. If I try to connect using the database/sql go interface (which I think is the best way to interface to MySQL?) then I just cannot get the connection to work? The error I keep getting is 'Wrong database part of URI'?????

Sorry for the variable names but I have been trying and trying to get various versions working so the names are a bit screwy sorry again.

I am grateful for any help understanding my problem, thanks again for your time.

The go code which I am using to produce the connection string.

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  • douji0073 2018-02-04 05:51

    The mymysql package defines a non-standard URI format for accessing MySQL when using the database/sql package (from their readme):


    So in your case you'd want to change your format string to this:

    connectionStr := fmt.Sprintf("tcp:%s:3306,%s/%s/%s", database, dbname, user, password)

    The reason you are seeing the error you are seeing is that the Open function splits the URI into 3 parts based on / (see this) and fails if it finds less than three parts.

    On a side note, unless you have a strong reason for choosing mymysql you should consider using go-sql-driver/mysql as it is an excellent MySQL driver and supports standard MySQL DSNs like you already have defined.

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