2016-11-25 09:01
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C / C ++可以将所有动态库构建到一个bin文件中吗?

When I develop across different OS's I find that a program built on one Linux system can not be run on another system, due to the different libc version.

How can I build in all the shared libraries just like golang did in c/c++?

Including libc and libcxx

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当我跨不同的操作系统进行开发时,我发现在一个Linux系统上构建的程序无法在另一个系统上运行, 由于libc版本不同。

如何像golang在c / c ++中那样在所有共享库中进行构建?

包括libc和 libcxx

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  • dqifn68206 2016-11-25 12:39

    If you want to run on multiple Linux systems, all you really need is to build using the oldest glibc from any of them. The easiest way is to simply download a virtual machine image from an old system like CentOS 5 and build there. You don't need to worry about static linking, just building against an old version will mean you are mostly compatible with newer versions.

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