2016-03-31 05:32
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incoming String is:

         {"m_id":71,"m_status":"Send Message Over Time","m_status_code":800,"reported":false},

How can I get the m_status field of the last status element?

The way I am using is


jsonRequest, _ := simplejson.NewJson([]byte(incommingString))
mArray := jsonRequest.Get("status_list").MustArray()
mItem := mArray[3]
fmt.printf("mItem: %")
m3StatusCode := mItem["m_status_code"]   //<---<< Can't compile

I got:

invalid operation: mItem["m_status_code"] (type interface {} does not support indexing)

If I remove last line code. I can print out mItem as

mItem: : map[m_id:73 m_status:OK m_status_code:200 reported:%!s(bool=false)]

QUESTION: How can I fetch m_status_code value?

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  • dshmkgq558192365 2016-03-31 05:41

    You will have to do a type assertion first.

    m, ok := mItem.(map[string]interface{})
        fmt.Println("Invalide data")

    This is because mItem is not actually a map. Its an interface{}. simplejson's MustArray returns a []interface{}.

    So you have to assert that the value stored in mItem is of a type you can use an index m_status_code on.

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