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I don't quite understand the purpose of quit channel variable in binarytrees_quit.go. Or, am I missing the important point here. I can understand that receiver can send value to quit to tell the go routine to return or exit. But I don't think that it's the case here. Is it just to make sure that Walk routines stick around till Same finishes the execution? Won't go routine stick around just because channels are not buffered. Even if this is the case, that does not make any sense. Please help me to understand.

Thanks in advance!

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  • doubeng1278 doubeng1278 6年前

    You can see that approached detailed in "Go for gophers - GopherCon closing keynote - 25 April 2014 - Andrew Gerrand "

    Stopping early
    Add a quit channel to the walker so we can stop it mid-stride.

    func walk(t *tree.Tree, ch chan int, quit chan struct{}) {
        if t.Left != nil {
            walk(t.Left, ch, quit)
        select {
        case ch <- t.Value:
        // vvvvvvvvvvvv
        case <-quit:
        // ^^^^^^^^^^^^
        if t.Right != nil {
            walk(t.Right, ch, quit)

    Create a quit channel and pass it to each walker.
    By closing quit when the Same exits, any running walkers are terminated.

    func Same(t1, t2 *tree.Tree) bool {
        // vvvvvvvvvvvv
        quit := make(chan struct{})
        defer close(quit)
        w1, w2 := Walk(t1, quit), Walk(t2, quit)
        // ^^^^^^^^^^^^
        for {
            v1, ok1 := <-w1
            v2, ok2 := <-w2
            if v1 != v2 || ok1 != ok2 {
                return false
            if !ok1 {
                return true

    Andrew adds:

    Why not just kill the goroutines?

    Goroutines are invisible to Go code. They can't be killed or waited on.
    You have to build that yourself.

    There's a reason:

    As soon as Go code knows in which thread it runs you get thread-locality.
    Thread-locality defeats the concurrency model

    • Channels are just values; they fit right into the type system.
    • Goroutines are invisible to Go code; this gives you concurrency anywhere.

    Less is more.

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