2019-01-12 05:49
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Is there has method or lib to compress and resize a gif use golang?

ps: I was tried bimg, but it not support gif.

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是否有使用golang压缩和调整gif大小的方法或lib? < p> ps:我尝试过 bimg ,但它不支持gif。

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  • drt96856 2019-01-16 04:52

    see doc https://golang.org/pkg/image/gif/#GIF

    func DecodeAll(r io.Reader) (*GIF, error)

    now you can get a GIT struct

    type GIF struct {
            Image []*image.Paletted // The successive images.

    then you can resize each of Image in GIF.

    for _,img:=range gif.Image{

    PS: image.Paletted implemented image.Image. so you can use https://github.com/nfnt/resize to do your job.

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  • dongqishun6409 2019-01-16 04:15

    I've never used but I think you can read/write GIFs using the std library (import "image/gif"). Then resize using something like "resize" (see Go Resizing Images)

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