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Currently I'm doing some project to build cache data using Redis using Go language. I'm using Redis version 4 from We have the plan to upgrade it to redis version 5.

But I've the following issue before attempt to update version :

  • What is the good thing about redis 5 compare to redis 4
  • I tried to find the changelog but I could not, any changelog for this update?
  • any changes to make after updating the redis 4 to redis 5 ? like function ?

Hopefully someone could help me regarding this issue. Any help would be appreciate.

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    doushan6161 doushan6161 2016-12-21 07:37

    It seems that there is no official changelog, but on github you can use the compare function to see at least high-level what changed. In this case it was not much as far as i see.

    On my own tests i have not seen any non-working functions to v4.

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