2018-05-23 08:49
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How do I send the post in GoLang?

I have the following code in ruby, now I need to transfer into Golang.

http ='', 443)
http.use_ssl = true

path = '/abc/login'
data = 'data[Account][username]=myusername&data[Account][passwd]=mypassword'
resp, _ =, data)

This way, I can get the cookie after login request.

But I don't know how to send a post request in Go.

I've written the following code.

path := ""
data := strings.NewReader("data[Account][username]=myusername&data[Account][passwd]=mypassword")
resp, err := http.Post(path, "text/html; charset=UTF-8", data)

It seems not correct, because I didn't find a way to get cookie.

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  • doubi9999 2018-05-23 09:02

    To get the cookies you should call the Cookies() method that's part of http.Response, try this:

    for _, cookie := range resp.Cookies() {
      fmt.Println("Found a cookie named:", cookie.Name)

    See the Cookie fields here.

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