2016-12-13 06:11

Idea Intellij如何从控制台的打印语句导航到行


There are various fmt.Println statements in my golang project which I run through Idea IntelliJ version 2016.3. Is there any way I navigate to the code from console's printed statements? I want know what code is printing the line [rinted on console.

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  • douzhe2981 douzhe2981 5年前

    I'd recommend looking into the log package.

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
        log.Println("Hello world") // main.go:9: Hello world

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  • douchu4048 douchu4048 3年前

    I know it's late but maybe help others

    you can use function, file, line, ok := runtime.Caller(1) to get where is the runtime, for example, you can use this project for your error

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