2016-07-01 17:21
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如何将自定义客户端传递给Golang oauth2.Exchange

The documentation for oauth2.Exchange at says:

The HTTP client to use is derived from the context. If a client is not provided via the context, http.DefaultClient is used.

Now I have created a http.Client with my own settings. How do I get the oauth2.Exchange function to use it?

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oauth2.Exchange的文档,位于 说:

要使用的HTTP客户端是从上下文派生的。 如果没有通过上下文提供客户端,则使用http.DefaultClient。

现在,我已经使用自己的设置创建了一个http.Client。 如何获得oauth2.Exchange函数以使用它?

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  • dsqtl335227 2016-07-01 17:24

    The oauth2 package defines the following variable:

    var HTTPClient internal.ContextKey

    HTTPClient is the context key to use with's WithValue function to associate an *http.Client value with a context.

    Use the above variable as the context key when constructing the context to pass to Exchange:

    client := &http.Client{
        // TODO
    parent := oauth2.NoContext()
    ctx := context.WithValue(parent, oauth2.HTTPClient, client)
    tkn, err := c.Exchange(ctx, code)
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