douhan4812 2017-06-06 21:52
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使用gomail.v2创建新的* Dialer

I'm using gomail.v2 to send emails, and my code works fine. After composing a message msg I can just run

import ("")

  d := gomail.NewDialer("", 25, "username", "password")
  return d.DialAndSend(msg)

Of course I'd like to generalize this past a particular username and password and separate it into its own function, so I stubbed it out:

import ("")

  d := MyDialer()
  return d.DialAndSend(msg)

func MyDialer() *Dialer {
  return gomail.NewDialer("", 25, "username", "password")

But go croaks, complaining that it doesn't know about Dialer.

.\email.go:42: undefined: Dialer

Why is this? I'm using the same return type as NewDialer, which doesn't cause any problems.

func NewDialer(host string, port int, username, password string) *Dialer

What am I missing? I ran

go get -u

to make sure I wasn't somehow running an out of date version of the package, but no luck there.

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  • drsc10888 2017-06-06 21:55

    *Dialer and *gomail.Dialer are 2 different types. The specific error is because you don't have a Dialer type defined in your package, but you need to match the types in the signature, not just the name. Since gomail.NewDialer returns a *gomail.Dialer, use:

    func MyDialer() *gomail.Dialer {
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