2019-02-16 16:49
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Windows API DLL库加载指南

I want to know guide for load dll library with golang. For example how I can load RtlAdjustPrivilege(int Privilege, bool bEnablePrivilege, bool IsThreadPrivilege, out bool PreviousValue) from ntdll.dll

So for I know

c := syscall.MustLoadDLL("ntdll.dll").MustFindProc("RtlAdjustPrivilege")
_, _, err = c.Call()

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我想了解golang加载dll库的指南。 例如我如何从 ntdll.dll

中加载 RtlAdjustPrivilege(int Privilege,bool bEnablePrivilege,bool IsThreadPrivilege,out bool PreviousValue) 所以据我所知

  c:= syscall.MustLoadDLL(“ ntdll.dll”)。MustFindProc(“ RtlAdjustPrivilege”)
_,_,err = c.Call()  
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  • dsm1998 2019-02-16 18:18

    There are quite a few guides on the topic.

    The Golang wiki on Github has a rather decent introduction to importing Windows DLLs into Go programs, check it out:

    That ends with a link to cgo Documentation, where you will learn how to use C to import Windows DLLs from Go programs:

    Good luck!

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