donglu9445 2019-01-26 14:56
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I need to update stripe-go library version. Project has 19.** New version 52.** There is a godeps dependency manager

When I try to run

godep save

I get

godep: cannot save at revision f8b095462d541c43d981d28de52b7464b25f3ee1: already have at revision 87c04229ff0262e4e7dfc8af7dc97a471e955ba2.

Run `godep update' first.

And when I run

godep update

I get

godep: no packages can be updated

What do I do wrong?

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  • doujing3896 2019-01-26 18:19

    I remember this issue, quoting from

    This seems to be caused by this line here:

    If packages A and B are under the same root, and I try to only update B, the root will be marked for skipping update because A isn't being updated. I'm not sure what the motivation for this feature is, it seems that developers should be able to selectively update sub packages as they desire.

    For what it's worth, I fixed my problem by globbing from the root in my godep update command (e.g. godep update instead of A helpful error message would have gone a long way

    While you're here, go 1.11 and above has inbuilt module support. Maybe look into shifting into that?

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