2018-04-04 07:27
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使用无服务器框架的AWS Codebuild Golang Lambda

I'm building golang lambda functions using the serverless framework in AWS CodeBuild. This project is in a private bitbucket repository. And the CodeBuild source is the bitbucket repo

I'm having some problems of using local packages in the code.

I have this project structure

...other files

what I'm trying to do is to use package test in hello/test/test.go in the hello/main.go.

And I've tried 2 options.

  1. Import the package using "myproject/hello/test"
  2. Using bitbucket url and dep ensure. Moving test to another project.

the problems:

  1. in AWS CodeBuild, the package cannot be found as the real package directory is /....aws path/bitbucket.org/<username>/<repo>/ and the $GOPATH is /...aws path/.
  2. dep ensure freezes when writing the private bitbucket repo. I'm assuming that it's because authentication issues?

So, what can I do to use my golang packages in AWS CodeBuild? And it's a private repo not a public one.

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  • dsuhx86802 2018-04-11 04:54

    Based on Peter's comments, I resolved the issue by using the full path of my bitbucket repo in my $GOPATH/src.

    so the path should be bitbucket.org/<username>/<repo>

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