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Golang NewRequest将POST参数传递给API进行测试

This is my test method which creates a new request and passes POST param.

url1 := "/api/addprospect"
data := url.Values{}
data.Add("customer_name", "value")
b := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte(data.Encode()))
request, err := http.NewRequest("POST", serverHttp.URL+url1, b)
res, err := http.DefaultClient.Do(request)

The problem is the POST param is not getting picked up by the function handler of the url.

Can you please help me with setting up right request?


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这是我的测试方法,它创建一个新请求并传递POST参数。</ p> < pre> url1:=“ / api / addprospect” data:= url.Values {} data.Add(“ customer_name”,“ value”) b:= bytes.NewBuffer([] byte(data。 Encode())) request,错误:= http.NewRequest(“ POST”,serverHttp.URL + url1,b) res,错误:= http.DefaultClient.Do(request) </ code> </ pre >

问题是url的函数处理程序未获取 POST参数</ code>。</ p>

能否请我帮忙 设置正确的请求?</ p>

谢谢</ p> </ div>

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