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Golang Couchbase集成在设置/获取时引发错误

Implementing https://github.com/couchbase/go-couchbase

However - no matter what I do - with various types of connections - I get errors when setting/getting keys.

vbmap smaller than vbucket list: 18119 vs. []

Code Example below (have tried many variations)

b, err := couchbase.GetBucket("http://somebucket:somepassword@myserver:8091/",
       "default", "somebucket")

err = b.Set("somekey", 0, map[string]interface{}{"x": 1})
  mf(err, "set")
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    duanji2002 duanji2002 2015-03-18 10:07

    You are probably trying to connect to a memcached bucket. go-couchbase doesn't support buckets of type memcached.

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