2014-11-26 09:57
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In my workplace the attendance (fingerprint) device uses .mdb file (that stored on Windows PC), and I have a smb account to the network share to that computer smb://10.7.7.x/tas/, inside the share folder contains 3 files:

 HITFPTA.mdb ==> this one

What are the easiest option to able to query (in real time) from that file, since our server that should do the query uses Linux (ArchLinux)? (if possible using Go programming language)

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  • dtwr2012
    dtwr2012 2014-11-26 10:56

    For read-only access to a "live" .mdb database from a mix of Windows and non-Windows clients I would recommend using Java and the UCanAccess JDBC driver (details here). If you're not keen on writing Java code but have some familiarity with Python then you could use Jython as described in my other answer here.

    (Jackcess, the data-access layer used by UCanAccess, does not use the Access Database Engine and is not intended to make updates to a live multi-user database. However, it should be able to read the database without incident. For reporting purposes it might be prudent to take a copy of the .mdb file and run the reports against that. Or, stick with Windows clients and use ODBC.)

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