2018-08-25 17:46
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I have a precompiled Go binary called abc which I run like this ./abc import --src_type=redis --src_uri="redis://localhost:6379/0" redis-test

I also want to print a few values in certain packages of this application for debugging purposes. How do I run this binary with the arguments in a debugger?

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我有一个预编译的Go二进制文件abc,它像这样运行。/abc import --src_type = redis --src_uri =“ redis:// localhost:6379/0” redis-test

我也想在此应用程序的某些程序包中打印一些值以进行调试 目的。 如何在调试器中使用参数运行二进制文件?

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  • dousendun8411 2018-08-25 18:54

    I assume dlv is already installed? If not, it's a simple go get, see

    dlv exec ./abc -- import --src_type=redis --src_uri="redis://localhost:6379/0" redis-test 

    -- in the debugger means take the rest as arguments to the program being run

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