2018-03-26 11:53
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I'm using Kafka server 0.9 + zookeper. I'm new with Kafka. It's running in virtualbox , I can connect to it using public IP so it's working ... more or less: can get topics and messages. So for now I have 2 issues:

  1. I can't find anything at __consumer_offsets (empty) and that's why I've got issue with the go simple consumer script throwing error: kafka server: Offset's topic has not yet been created; when i check at console by command ls /brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets it errors me : Node does not exist: /brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets

  2. (maybe they are connected) I've got minor warning when autocreating topic: WARN NetworkClient - Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 4157 : {topicName=LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE}

Any help it highly appreciated. Thanks!

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我正在使用Kafka服务器0.9 + zookeper。 我是Kafka的新手。 它在virtualbox中运行,我可以使用公共IP连接到它,因此它可以工作……或多或少:可以获取主题和消息。 所以现在我有2个问题:

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  1. 我在__consumer_offsets(空)上找不到任何东西,这就是为什么我遇到了转到简单的消费者脚本抛出错误的问题: kafka服务器:偏移的主题尚未创建; 当我通过命令 ls / brokers / topics / __ consumer_offsets 在zookeeper-shell.sh控制台上检查时,它使我出错:节点不存在:/ brokers / topics / __ consumer_offsets

  2. (也许它们已连接)(在自动创建主题时),我得到了次要警告: WARN NetworkClient-提取关联ID为4157的元数据时出错:{topicName = LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE}

    任何对它的帮助都值得赞赏。 谢谢!

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  • douduan5073 2018-03-26 13:50

    The reason was successfully found in logs : Number of alive brokers '1' does not meet the required replication factor '3' for the offsets topic you need to post into your file following option : offsets.topic.replication.factor=1. This option will not let you do anything till the count reaches 3 but since you have it set as a playbox - you usually have 1 only.

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