2018-03-26 11:53



I'm using Kafka server 0.9 + zookeper. I'm new with Kafka. It's running in virtualbox , I can connect to it using public IP so it's working ... more or less: can get topics and messages. So for now I have 2 issues:

  1. I can't find anything at __consumer_offsets (empty) and that's why I've got issue with the go simple consumer script throwing error: kafka server: Offset's topic has not yet been created; when i check at console by command ls /brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets it errors me : Node does not exist: /brokers/topics/__consumer_offsets

  2. (maybe they are connected) I've got minor warning when autocreating topic: WARN NetworkClient - Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 4157 : {topicName=LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE}

Any help it highly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • douduan5073 douduan5073 3年前

    The reason was successfully found in logs : Number of alive brokers '1' does not meet the required replication factor '3' for the offsets topic you need to post into your file following option : offsets.topic.replication.factor=1. This option will not let you do anything till the count reaches 3 but since you have it set as a playbox - you usually have 1 only.

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  • douque8861 douque8861 3年前

    The __consumer_offsets topic is created automatically when a consumer using a group connects to the cluster.

    By default, Sarama does not support groups (, so unless you are using the cluster extension ( this is expected.

    You can use the tool that comes with Kafka to create it if you want.

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