2017-01-18 09:56
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Our team is currently looking to use Rancher for a Docker container orchestration solution, and one the things I'm looking to do is try setting up Access Control on the Rancher server using a provider that isn't supported by Rancher at the moment (this being Fiware Lab which can be a OAuth provider).

Rancher handles authentication in a separate Golang service available in this repo. This could be extended to allow for a new provider for authentication as described in the wiki of the repo. What I'm confused about however is how I could then deploy my extended service with Rancher Server. Is it possible to just run the extended service without having to build a new Docker image for Rancher Server altogether?

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我们的团队目前正在寻求将Rancher用于Docker容器编排解决方案,这也是我正在寻找的目标之一 可以尝试使用当前Rancher不支持的提供程序在Rancher服务器上设置访问控制(这是 Fiware Lab (可以是OAuth提供商)。

Rancher在单独的Golang服务中处理身份验证,该服务可在 回购。 可以扩展它,以允许新的提供者进行身份验证,如仓库Wiki中所述。 但是,令我感到困惑的是如何使用Rancher Server部署扩展服务。 是否可以只运行扩展服务而不必为Rancher Server完全构建新的Docker映像?

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  • dshgnt2008 2017-01-18 19:04

    It is an external service mainly to make it easier for us to develop additional providers, and to pull that code out of the Cattle core (the migration of which is on-going, only Github is moved and Shibboleth was added as a new one only into the Golang one).

    While it is possible, this is not currently a general public plugin point. There is not any formal way to register your own provider, get that into the server container, provide UI to configure it, or log into it once configured.

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