2015-07-02 10:10
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golang错误:对未定义标识符“ syscall.TUNSETIFF”的引用

So, I have been trying to build flannel ( with gccgo. Here is the error I am getting while building:

$ ./build 
Building flanneld...
gopath/src/ error: reference to undefined identifier ‘syscall.TUNSETIFF’
  err = ioctl(int(tun.Fd()), syscall.TUNSETIFF, uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(&ifr)))

I am using gccgo-5 and gcc-5. Can anyone please help me figure out what exactly is the issue here? TIA

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  • dongtie0929 2015-07-08 10:33

    So, I found the answer. The problem was that gccgo didn't define TUNSETIFF for my arch. I defined the value accordingly and I was able to make it work. Thanks @JimB

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