2019-04-12 23:44
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为什么在GO init()方法中出现错误?

So I understand that in go, init() is a special method that can be used to initialize an object in a package. When I try to use this technique, I get an error that the variable is declared and not used. For example:

package fizzbuzz

var foo string

func init() {
    foo := "bar"

It seems to me that most of the time variables that you put in this method will not be used local to int(), so that is just fine. What am I missing?

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因此,我了解到init()是一种特殊的方法,可用于初始化对象中的对象 包。 当我尝试使用此技术时,出现错误,该变量已声明且未使用。 例如:

var foo字符串
func init(){
 foo:=“ bar” 

在我看来,您在此方法中放置的大多数时间变量都不会在int()本地使用,所以就可以了。 我想念什么?

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  • dshw124502 2019-04-12 23:51

    That just creates a local variable named "foo" inside the method. You need to assign the string to the already declared var at the module scope via foo = "bar".

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