2016-08-23 03:35



I've just begun learning Go, and upon running go fmt, I am finding tab ^I characters appear in my code:

package main
import "fmt"

func main() {
  ^Ifmt.Println("Hello world!")

Is there a way I can configure Vim to not display these characters, while still preserving the tabs in the file itself?

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  • doupingyun73833 doupingyun73833 5年前

    Following Amadan's suggestion, I edited the file that :verbose set list? returned, which for me is ~/.vim/init/options.vim. Removing set list solved the problem for me

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  • douyu0845 douyu0845 5年前

    Just remove this line in your configuration file: :set listchars=tab:\(whatever chracter)\

    set list may be useful later for character editing. I wouldn't recommend just deleting it without knowing what you are doing.

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