2016-01-29 04:37
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I wish to use threads and concurrency features of Go language in my Ruby on Rails project. I have several alternatives, one of them is jRuby. But, I don't like Java (personal preference). I have heard that Go Lang is a perfect replacement for Java. Its even more faster & secure than Java. I saw people comparing its speed to C++ as some of its part is in Assembly itself. People can even write a complete web server like Apache from scratch in Go.

What I am really planning for is: All the low level stuff in Go and rest of it Ruby on Rails. I still want to have the ease of development that RoR has to offer.

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  • doulu4534 2016-01-29 06:14

    Starting in Go 1.5, there is a build mode called c-shared, which allows you to build C shared libraries in Go. These can then be loaded into Ruby using FFI and used in your Rails app. See this brief introduction to the concept.

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