2018-06-01 11:08
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I have a Java code that handles json inheritance the code is like this :

public class BaseMessage {
    private String messageId;
    private Integer type;

public class TextMessage  extends BaseMessage {
    private String recipient;
    private String sender;

public class SystemTextMessage  extends BaseMessage {
    private String field1;
    private String field2;

And some other classes

And I'm using Gson library like this:

    RuntimeTypeAdapterFactory<BaseMessage> runtimeTypeAdapterFactory = RuntimeTypeAdapterFactory
            .of(BaseMessage.class, "type")

Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().registerTypeAdapterFactory(runtimeTypeAdapterFactory).create();
Type listType = new TypeToken<List<BaseMessage>>(){}.getType();
List<BaseMessage> list = gson.fromJson(json, listType);

And then I just iterate through the List and comparing by "instanceof".

And what about golang? Is there any way to do same thing? I failed to find something similar. Any 1 can help? Thank you.

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