2017-08-04 04:28


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Sorry, very much a newbie golang question. I have a github project named journalbeat that I am modifying.

When I clone that repository I can set the GOPATH and run go get to grab all the imports and it places them into src.

I have a new import I want to add.

import ""

but it doesn't grab it. How does simply running go get determine whether something is downloaded or not?

And finally, the vendoring system is used. How do I populate that with the fnmatch? do I create it manually? it all seems very cumbersome.

I thought go get was meant to make all this easy?

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  • doumeng4400 doumeng4400 4年前

    Try instead a dependency manager: the most recent and actively developed one is golang/dep.
    Reading dep "issue" 943, use:

    dep ensure

    That will set up vendored dependencies through import analysis, and you can configure locking those down if need be.

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  • douti9253 douti9253 4年前

    we use Glide package management tool for GO. Go check it out gitHub link

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  • drjk87189 drjk87189 4年前

    Try go get with the verbose flag -v like:

    go get -v

    This will show you more details. Post the result here.

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