2015-09-08 14:38
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Golang 1.5 io.Copy被两个TCPConn阻止


I have a question with io.Copy method. The link above will block in line 44 under Go 1.5. But will pass in 1.4.2. I have no idea with this issue.

Here is my go version: go version go 1.5 darwin/amd64.

When did the io.Copy return in go 1.5?

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我对 io.Copy 方法有疑问。 上面的链接将在Go 1.5下的44行中阻塞。 但将在1.4.2中通过。 我不知道这个问题。

这是我的go版本: go版本go 1.5 darwin / amd64

io.Copy 何时返回go 1.5?

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