2016-07-24 18:48
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使用sql.ErrNoRows的数据库/ sql中的示例崩溃和烧伤

I have a small Go program which uses a a postgresql db. In it there is a query which can return no rows, and the code I'm using to deal with this isn't working correctly.

    // Get the karma value for nick from the database.
func getKarma(nick string, db *sql.DB) string {
    var karma int
    err := db.QueryRow("SELECT SUM(delta) FROM karma WHERE nick = $1", nick).Scan(&karma)
    var karmaStr string
    switch {
    case err == sql.ErrNoRows:
        karmaStr = fmt.Sprintf("%s has no karma.", nick)
    case err != nil:
       karmaStr = fmt.Sprintf("Karma for %s is %d.", nick, karma)
    return karmaStr

This logic is taken directly from the Go documentation. When there are no rows corresponding to nick, the following error occurs:

2016/07/24 19:37:07 sql: Scan error on column index 0: converting driver.Value type <nil> ("<nil>") to a int: invalid syntax

I must be doing something stupid - clues appreciated.

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