2018-07-21 19:28
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I'd like to add a timeout to redis key/value pair so that they expire after 10 minutes.

Here is the function

func setData(value string) {
    conn, err := redis.Dial("tcp", "localhost:6379", redis.DialDatabase(1))
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("Could not connect: %v
", err)
    defer conn.Close()

    conn.Do("SET", "mykey", value)

I want redigo to do this:

redis> SETEX "mykey" 600 value

I'm wondering how can I acheive this in redigo?

I looked at the docs examples but could not figure out how to do so

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  • dqblm40280 2018-07-22 10:59

    The Conn struct's Do method accepts the command name, and a list of arbitrary parameters (typed ...interface{}).

    You can use these parameters to pass any kind of parameter that you would also pass using the Redis CLI:

    conn.Do("SETEX", "mykey", 600, value)

    Also, have a look at the "Executing commands" section from the documentation for more information.

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