2015-10-20 17:17
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Can someone explain the difference between & and * in GO lang .. and provide examples of when & and * would be used to illustrate the difference? From what I have read, they both relate to accessing a variables memory location however i'm not sure when to use & or *.

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  • duanping6698 2015-10-21 02:18

    Here is a very simple example, that illustrates how & and * are used. Note that * can be used for two different things 1) to declare a variable to be a pointer 2) to dereference a pointer.

    package main
    import "fmt"
    func main() {
        b := 6 
        var b_ptr *int // *int is used delcare variable
                       // b_ptr to be a pointer to an int
        b_ptr = &b     // b_ptr is assigned value that is the address
                           // of where variable b is stored
        // Shorhand for the above two lines is:
        // b_ptr := &b
        fmt.Printf("address of b_ptr: %p
    ", b_ptr)
        // We can use *b_ptr get the value that is stored
        // at address b_ptr, or dereference the pointer 
        fmt.Printf("value stored at b_ptr: %d
    ", *b_ptr)


    address of b_ptr: 0xc82007c1f0
    value stored at b_ptr: 6
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