2018-10-25 14:09
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I have a type of document indexed in ElasticSearch, with a simplified structure as follows:

    id: "54"
    properties: ["nice", "green", "small", "dry"]

Now I want to select all the documents in this index, which doesn't contain a list of given values in the properties field.

Something like: SELECT * FROM index WHERE properties NOT CONTAINS ["red", "big", "scary"]

How can I implements that on elasticsearch? (And I someone knows how can I implements such a query on Golang, I'll be even better :-) )


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我有一种类型的文档在ElasticSearch中建立了索引,其简化结构如下:</ p> \ n

 id:“ 54” 
属性:[“ nice”,“ green”,“ small”,“ dry”] 
 </ code> </ pre> \  n 

现在我要选择此索引中的所有文档,这些文档不</ strong>在 properties </ code>字段中包含给定值的列表。</ p >

类似于: SELECT * FROM index WHERE properties NOT CONTAINS [“ red”,“ big”,“ scary”] </ code> </ p>

(我知道如何在Golang上实现这样的查询,我会更好:-))</ p>

谢谢!</ n> p> </ div>

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