2018-02-10 00:44
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I am building unit testing of the application that uses os.Exit(1), once os.Exit(1) executes remaining test file are skipped with go test, I am thinking about suppressing os.Exit during the unit test execution only. I wonder how I can determine that app has been bootstrap from go test runner?

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我正在为使用os.Exit(1)(一次是os.Exit(1))的应用程序构建单元测试 执行剩余的测试文件会被go test跳过, 我正在考虑仅在单元测试执行期间抑制os.Exit。 我想知道如何确定该应用已从go测试运行程序中启动?

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  • duanpai1033 2018-02-10 00:52

    You will find various ways to unit test method with os.Exit() in "Testing os.Exit scenarios in Go with coverage information (".

    It uses a function which is:

    • os.Exit() when you are not testing

      var osExit = os.Exit
    • and "yourOsExit" when you are testing.

      func TestCrasher(t *testing.T) {
          // Save current function and restore at the end:
          oldOsExit := osExit
          defer func() { osExit = oldOsExit }()
          osExit = myExit
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