dongxin1999 2017-10-20 08:41
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gcloud app deploy尝试编译不需要的文件,我可以排除树的一部分吗?

I am deploying a Google App Engine app from a GOPATH that contains more projects. For some reason, a vendored library ( that is not referenced from the application that I am uploading is being compiled, and fails.

Is there a way to exclude the unnecessary parts of the code tree from gcloud? I can't find anything in the documentation for gcloud on how to do that.

Updating service [default]...
ERROR: ( Error Response: [9] Deployment contains files that cannot be compiled: Compile failed:
2017/10/20 01:30:38 go-app-builder: build timing: 12×compile (2.234s total), 0×link (0s total)
2017/10/20 01:30:38 go-app-builder: failed running compile: exit status 2 undefined: SQLiteConn undefined: SQLiteConn undefined: namedValue undefined: namedValue undefined: SQLiteConn undefined: namedValue undefined: SQLiteConn undefined: SQLiteConn undefined: SQLiteStmt undefined: SQLiteStmt too many errors

This seems to have changed recently, I haven't changed my app to require this library, and I am working on a branch that does not change any other code. The only other thing I can think of is that I do go get since that library doesn't work if vendored. I can't find any references to sqlite3 in its source tree either, however.

$ gcloud --version
Google Cloud SDK 175.0.0
alpha 2017.10.09
app-engine-python 1.9.61
beta 2017.10.09
bq 2.0.27
cloud-datastore-emulator 1.2.1
core 2017.10.09
gsutil 4.27
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  • doww38701 2017-10-20 08:51

    Try to add the folder to skip_files: section into app.yaml

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