2016-10-09 18:26
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I installed go and ran a hello world from terminal. Now when I try setup Go SDK in WebStorm it fails to identify it.

enter image description here

The go binary is located in that path and I am able to see it version as well. But WebStorm is not happy for some reason.

How do I resolve this?

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我安装了go并从终端运行了一个hello world。 现在,当我尝试在WebStorm中安装Go SDK时,无法识别它。


The go二进制文件位于该路径中,我也可以看到它的版本。 但是WebStorm出于某种原因不满意。


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  • duandi2853 2016-10-09 18:38

    webstorm is not expecting the path to the go binary here. Instead, you have to give the path to Go's SDK. On my setup, it is /usr/lib/golang.

    go plugin

    $ ls /usr/lib/golang 
    api  bin  favicon.ico  lib  pkg  robots.txt  src  test  VERSION
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