2019-08-15 14:22
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I have several Kubernetes clusters. Due to the company's security issues, only A 'service in Cluster A should be allowed to access B' Service in Cluster B. Can you handle such a case with istio?

Although it is possible to control the traffic using the header information in istio's virtualservice, the http header information can be manipulated at any time, which does not satisfy the security issue.

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我有几个Kubernetes集群。 由于公司的安全问题,只应允许群集A中的A服务访问群集B中的B服务。您可以使用istio处理这种情况吗?

尽管可以 为了使用istio的虚拟服务中的标头信息控制流量,可以随时操纵http标头信息,这不满足安全性问题。

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