2017-12-31 04:22
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This my json string

var jsonBytes = "\"[{\"Fld1\":10,\"Fld2\":\"0.2\"},{\"Fld1\":10,\"Fld2\":\"0.26

This string has escaped double quotes. If I Unmarshal it by converting to []bytes, its not working, as the convereted []byte array still has leading and trailing double quotes.

How do I remove those leading and trailing quotes in go?

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  • dsgm5631 2017-12-31 07:14
    • First mistake is you have enter in your jsonBytes. remove that near "0.26
    • you have \ in the first and the last data. I will show you to remove it below :


    package main
    import (
    type Msg struct {
        Channel int    `json:"Fld1"`
        Name    string `json:"Fld2"`
        Msg     string
    func main() {
        var msg []Msg
        var jsonBytes = "\"[{\"Fld1\":10,\"Fld2\":\"0.2\"},{\"Fld1\":10,\"Fld2\":\"0.26\"}]\""
        // Removing the the first and the last '\'
        newVal := jsonBytes[1 : len(jsonBytes)-1]
        logger.Debug("newval type ", reflect.TypeOf(newVal))
        logger.Debug("newval ", newVal)
        err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(newVal), &msg)
        if err != nil {
    ", msg)
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