2018-09-21 18:56
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I am new to golang. But I couldn't find an answer to this.

In python I can do,

array = [1, 2, 3, None, 5]

But in go when I write

var array = [5]int {1, 2, 3, nil, 5}

The compiler gives me the following error:

cannot convert nil to type int

How can I create an array in golang which is a mix of integer and nil values?

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我是golang的新手。 但是我找不到答案。 </ p>

在python中,我可以做</ p>

  array = [1、2、3,无,5] 
 </ code>  </ pre> 

但是我写</ p>

  var数组= [5] int {1,2,3,nil,5} \  n </ code> </ pre> 

编译器给我以下错误:</ p>

 </ code>类型 </ pre> 

如何在golang中创建一个由整数和nil值混合而成的数组?</ p> </ div>

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