2019-03-09 00:22
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I am in a situation where I am trying to execute a shell command, but have its arguments be interpreted as environment variables properly.

For example, when I type the following into the terminal


Bash interprets and expands the variable $GOPATH, and lists the contents of the $GOPATH directory. I am trying to do a similar thing with Golang's programmatic shell execution.

I have the following code.

package main

import (

func main() {
    cmd := exec.Command("echo", "$TESTVAR")

    cmd.Env = append(os.Environ(),

    var outBuff bytes.Buffer
    var errBuff bytes.Buffer

    cmd.Stdout = &outBuff
    cmd.Stderr = &errBuff

    if err := cmd.Run(); err != nil {

    fmt.Println(outBuff.String()) // empty
    fmt.Println(errBuff.String()) // empty

This program outputs

$ go run test.go

Does anyone have any idea how to make the exec library interpret $TESTVAR as an environment variable as opposed to a string literal? Thanks in advance!

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