2019-09-23 06:43
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I have this code:

type TestData struct {
    Key string

type TemporaryStoreItem struct {
    key string
    data interface{}
    aliveUntil time.Time

func (s *TemporaryStoreItem) SetData(src interface{}) {
    src = s.data

data := TestData{
    Key: "value",

item := TemporaryStoreItem{
    key:     "item1",
    data:    data,
    aliveUntil: time.Now(),
oldItem := TestData{}

I need to save any data or pointer to data in 'data' field of TemporaryStoreItem, and i need to get data as TestData struct(or any else source struct), what i do wrong, and is it possible to implement this idea?

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