douxiexie3574 2017-05-15 16:23
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I am dealing with time.Time objects that has been parsed with the wrong timezone. They internally have a UTC tz but the original data come from a legacy MySQL database that internally store datetimes with the timezone Europe/Paris.

I would like to change the internal timezone of the time without reparsing it. I have tried the time.In() function but it does not solve my use case because it return the same time for another timezone.

My ultimate solution would be to use to recreate the date from the value of the original with the proper location. However if this could be avoided this would be better.

Any thoughts ?


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  • doubai9014 2017-05-15 16:43

    Can you just Add a fixed offest to them?

    t,_ := time.Parse(...)
    t = t.Add(-4 * time.Hour) // or whatever offset makes it work
    // t is now correct utc time
    // In should work less badly:
    localTime := t.In(myRealLocation)
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