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I recently found a fix for Python getpass not working on Windows: Python not working in the command line of git bash

Or at least that was the last thing I remember about changing my python configurations. (This is for Python 3.6.1 on Windows 10)

Now I also use Python to other tasks which simply has subprocess calls to type several commands on terminal:

go build ./folder/
mv ./src/ ./bin/

I get the error: go: GOPATH entry is relative; must be absolute: "/c/Users/OP/work". But I don't get it if I type go build ./src/folder myself. I have GOPATH set to C:\work in Environment Variables. I have tried with a ;.

Is there a way to reverse the alias python every time? Or what is happening exactly when setting an alias for python to winpty?

I'm thinking that when I call go build directly, it is called by either my user profile or system. And when python's subprocess calls it, it calls the opposite. Therefore, I have two GOPATH variables even though I have only 1 set in environment variable.

Side Note: another recent change on GOPATH was changing it from C:/go because it couldn't be the same as GOROOT. That error popped up randomly for some reason. It worked with that setting for a while and I don't remember changing anything before except adding another import package on top of the many other ones already being used.

Update: with type python I get the result: python is aliased to 'winpty python.exe'. Therefore I tried to undo that with unalias python. The new result I get is: python is hashed (/c/Users/OP/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python36/python).

This fixed the go build command within Python's subprocess. However, that alias was a fix for another Python issue with using getpass package.

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我最近发现了针对Python getpass的修复程序,无法在Windows上使用: Python在git bash的命令行中不起作用 < p>或者至少那是我记得改变我的python配置的最后一件事。 (这适用于Windows 10上的Python 3.6.1)

现在,我还将Python用于其他任务,这些任务仅具有子进程调用即可在终端上键入多个命令: \ n

mv ./src/ ./bin/

我收到错误: go: GOPATH条目是相对的; 必须是绝对的:“ / c / Users / OP / work” 。 但是如果我自己输入 go build ./src/folder ,我不会理解。 我在环境变量中将GOPATH设置为 C:\ work 。 我尝试使用;

是否有一种方法可以每次都反转别名python? 还是将python的别名设置为winpty时到底发生了什么?

我在想,当我直接调用go build时,它是由用户配置文件或系统调用的。 当python的子进程调用它时,它调用相反的函数。 因此,即使我在环境变量中只设置了1个变量,我也有两个GOPATH变量。

侧面注意:GOPATH的另一项近期更改是将其从 C:/ go ,因为它与GOROOT不能相同。 由于某种原因,该错误随机弹出。 它可以使用该设置一段时间,除了在已经使用的许多其他导入包之上添加另一个导入包之外,我不记得要进行任何更改。

更新:带有 输入python 即可得到结果: python的别名为“ winpty python.exe” 。 因此,我尝试使用 unalias python 撤消该操作。 我得到的新结果是: python被散列了(/ c / Users / OP / AppData / Local / Programs / Python / Python36 / python)

这修复了Python子进程中的 go build 命令。 但是,该别名是使用getpass软件包解决另一个Python问题的方法。

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  • doucheng5705 2017-12-15 18:01

    On top of my unalias python fix, I also discovered something interesting: when I change the environment variables for GOPATH from C:\work; to C:\go, all go commands still spit the error go: GOPATH entry is relative; must be absolute: "". I got this same error (but different path) from updating Windows 10 Fall Creators update. Maybe it is related.

    Simply closing MINGW and reopening it fixed the issue. So perhaps it was saying a copy of my environment variables and using that as a reference instead of the actual system properties.

    I know this is not a popular question, but someone could benefit from my hours of investigating and debugging.

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