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I am learning golang and want to write generic response from microservices response.

My General Response is like:

type GeneralResponse struct {
    Success string
    Message string
    Data    string
    Error   string

In the Data section I want to return any json, say list of Person, Instruments or any type of objects.

But it should be another json. I tried assigning other json objects but it did not work. It is fine if I dump json array as string into it but it should unmarshal from receiver end. How should I go about it?

I am trying over here. https://play.golang.org/p/dc0uKtS76aA

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  • dongzuan4491 2018-02-21 16:57

    You should use RawMessage in the type definition

    type GeneralResponse struct {
      Success string
      Message string
      Data    json.RawMessage
      Error   string

    and subsequently push a Marshalled json into that attribute. You can do that by encoding other types in []bytes and setting them to the Data attribute.

    Like in https://play.golang.org/p/CyoN5pe_aNV

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