2017-01-15 02:36
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In a node.js project, I'm using Go for a critical part of it that node isn't adequate enough to handle. I want to split the Go code into a sockets package and a main package, with sockets containing required structs/interfaces for the main package to run. The problem I'm having is that from what I can gather from Go's documentation, I can only use external packages like sockets remotely from github/gopkg. I don't want to split the repository for the project into one containing the Go code and one containing node's. How can I make the sockets package available for main to import locally while making it possible to rebuild the binaries for the two packages if any updates to their source code are made?

Edit: importing the packages is no longer an issue, but rebuilding packages on update still remains

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  • douwei1408
    douwei1408 2017-01-15 04:55

    It happens the same to my team too and we end up using vendor it's pretty easy to manage all the external packages. So, whoever checkout your repo will have all the packages inside vendor.

    Understanding and using the vendor folder

    And Please refer this site lots of other option out there too:

    Golang Package Management Tools

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