2019-04-02 09:12
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I am new a Golang programmer and I see code snippets were functions return err as last argument a lot of time.

f, err := strconv.ParseFloat(asciiFloat, 64)

Question is must all functions be made to return err even if no error handling is involved in the function implementation. And how will I know a function is or is not returning an err value?

Must I checkout docs every time I need to use a function?

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我是Golang程序员的新手,我看到代码片段是函数最后返回 err 的函数

  f,err:= strconv.ParseFloat(asciiFloat,64)

问题是即使函数实现中没有错误处理,也必须使所有函数都返回err。 我怎么知道一个函数是否正在返回 err 值?


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