2016-08-08 10:15

IntelliJ IDEA:从界面跳转到Go中的实现方法


Is there some shortcut that would allow me after creating method in an interface, select and jump to implementation of that method or give me list of implementations.

I am looking for something like what I get when Cmd+Click and get usage of the interface method.

View After Cmd+Click

But instead of usage of method I need short cut for implementation. Currently I have to copy the method name and search in the project, which does not feels like most efficient way.

I am using intelliJ Idea (Community Edition) 2016.2.2 EAP with Go plugin Version: 0.12.1724.

I have tried Cmd+Alt+b but always getting No implementation found

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  • douyulv6921 douyulv6921 3年前

    This support has been added in Goland (or with go plugin in IntelliJ ultimate) now. Shortcut for the same is Alt+Cmd+B.

    enter image description here

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  • dongqingcheng2903 dongqingcheng2903 5年前

    No, such shortcut doesn't exist.

    You can use "Find Usage" to determine where the specific interface method is used, but if you want to see all the concrete implementations the current way is to search the entire project for the method name.

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