2015-11-07 15:09
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是否可以在Google App Engine上使用Go设置默认错误页面

I've previously worked with J2EE where it's possible to add this configuration to web.xml


The effect of the above code is that if an unhanded exception is thrown, it will be passed to the /error page, which will be shown to the user.

Is there a way to do something similar to this when my Go web application panics on Google App Engine?

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  • dtbrd80422 2015-11-09 15:18

    Yes, see Custom error responses:

    When certain errors occur, App Engine serves a generic error page. You can configure your app to serve a custom static file instead of these generic error pages, so long as the custom error data is less than 10 kilobytes. You can set up different static files to be served for each supported error code by specifying the files in your app's app.yaml file. To serve custom error pages, add a error_handlers section to your app.yaml, as in this example:

      - file: default_error.html
      - error_code: over_quota
        file: over_quota.html
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