2018-05-02 09:06
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I am fairly new to the Go programming language and completely new to the Go SDK from AWS. I am trying to use a service but I have a strange problem where the types defined by the imported service are found, but the functions of the service are undefined.

This question is not about using the particular service, but just how to correctly import it. My code:

package auth

import (


func SignUpTest() {

    input := cognitoidentityprovider.SignUpInput{
        Username: aws.String("example@mail.com"),
        Password: aws.String("test1234"),

    _, err := cognitoidentityprovider.SignUp(&input)

    if err != nil {

I get the following error when running go build:

auth/signup.go:18:12: undefined: cognitoidentityprovider.SignUp

The autocomplete in my IDE also states that it can find the cognitoidentityprovider.SingUpInput struct, but it is unable to find the cognitoidentityprovider.SignUp function.

I use Go 1.10.1 on WSL Ubuntu. I use DEP 0.4.1 for package management. I verified that the AWS SDK is available in the vendor folder and that the cognitoidentityprovider package is available (the SignUp) function is also there.

What am I missing here?

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  • dsa4d4789789 2018-05-02 09:28

    The error says it all. cognitoidentityprovider.SignUp isn't defined, because there is no symbol SignUp exported by the cognitoidentityprovider package.

    I'm not really sure what you want to do instead, since I'm not familiar with that SDK, but you're trying to call a function that doesn't exist. I suggest re-examining the documentation or example you're following. You've probably made a simple mistake.

    You seem to be confused by the CognitoIdentityProvider.SignUp instance method. But as that's an instance method, and not an exported function, it requires an instance of a CognitoIdentityProvider first:

    cip := cognitoidentityprovider.New( ... )
    _, err := cip.SignUp(input)
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