2016-08-18 16:41
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如何通过golang中的CGO将Go字符串复制到C char *?

I want to copy a Go string into a char * via CGO.

Am I allowed to do this something like this?

func copy_string(cstr *C.char) {

    str := "foo"
    C.GoString(cstr) = str


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我想通过CGO将Go字符串复制到char *中。


  func copy_string(cstr * C.char){
 str:=“ foo” 
 C.GoString  (cstr)= str 
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  • duanbo1659 2016-08-18 19:43

    According to the cgo documentation you need to use the C.CString function to convert a Go string to a C string:

    cstr = C.CString(str)

    Be aware that C.CString function allocates the memory for you, but won't release it, so it is your responsability to freed the memory with a call like:

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