2014-07-15 06:05
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Golang template.ParseFiles“不是目录”错误

I'm trying to render just one template:

root_path, err := osext.Executable()
if err != nil {
    return err
template_path := root_path + "/app/views/mailtemplates/" + "feedback.html"


tmpl, err := template.ParseFiles(template_path)
if err != nil {
    return err

but I have the error not a directory. My exist function:

func exist(file_path string) bool {
    if _, err := os.Stat(file_path); os.IsNotExist(err) {
        return false

    return true

it returns true. What's the problem with template.ParseFiles? I see documentation and where written that arguments are filenames and There must be at least one file. What I doing wrong?

EDITED: My variables:

root_path: /home/cnaize/Dropbox/develop/gocode/bin/advorts
template_path: /home/cnaize/Dropbox/develop/gocode/bin/advorts/app/views/mailtemplates/feedback.html

My file's content:

        Hello, World!

EDITED 2: I've moved all my projects, libs and etc to /home/cnaize/gocode and now I have error:

open /home/cnaize/gocode/bin/advorts/app/views/mailtemplates/feedback.txt: not a directory

Is it Revel's problem? What I supposed to do? I've tried to remove this bin file, didn't helped.

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